Portable One-Button Wine Dispenser Machine

About this item 

[One press to delicious wine] Electric Wine Aerator is 5 times faster than traditional wine aerators. The electric wine aerator can perfectly aerate the wine and deliver it directly to your wine glass with the touch of a button. It softens tannins and enriches the taste of your wine, giving you a luxurious taste. 

[Easy Installation]. Our electric wine dispenser machine works on almost every wine bottle on the market.Install the extension tube down below the aerator wine pour, then adjust the tube length and put it into the wine bottle, press the top button, the wine will be delivered straight to your glass through the aerator channel. 

[Easy to clean] No drips, spills or splashes! Just insert the tube of the dispenser machine into the clean water and press the button, once the water is clear, the cleaning is done. 

[Equal Price-performance Ratio] Our wine pourers needs to be loaded with 4 AAA batteries to use, but compared to USB charging, 4 batteries can hold more than 3000 times the dispense button (press and hold for 4 seconds at a time), you can use our product for 40 bottle of wine aerated. and meanwhile, you also could replace new batteries when batteries are broken out, but USB charging can not do that. 

[Perfect Gift] The exquisite design makes this wine aerator a perfect gift for wine lovers and connoisseurs. Exclusive gift kit can be a perfect present for any occasion like birthday, wedding, anniversary, graduation, retirement, housewarming parties.

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