Disposable Hair Catcher Shower Drain Mesh Stickers

About this item 

【Adjustable Size】The total length of the disposable hair catcher is 32.8 foot/ 393 inch and the width is 2.75 inch. You can DIY the length to match your shower drain. 

【High Efficient】The mesh of this disposable hair stopper for shower drain captures both human and pet hair effectively while ensuring the drainage system to operate properly. 

【Cost Saving】Not necessary for unclogging tools and drain-cleaning service. Only replace the shower drain cover hair catch every 2-6 weeks, or more frequently depending on the situation to maintain efficient function. 

【Time Saving】 Spend a few seconds to peel and stick the mesh over the drain, preventing clogs and freeing up your time for more important things in life. Please ensure the drain cover is clean and dry before applying the hair catcher. 

【Easy Remove】This sewer hair catcher usually won't leave sticky stickers, ensuring your shower drain is shiny. Additionally, our package includes a removal tool for cleaning up any residue.

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