Premium Smart Adjustable Bed

ZERO GRAVITY MODE FOR WEIGHTLESS FEEL: Now sleep with almost a feeling of weightlessness with the Zero-G Mode of India’s most advanced Elev8 Smart adjustable bed. Scientifically designed by NASA, Zero-G reduces the pressure on your spine thus reducing neck & back pain & ensures better sleep quality. 

NO TOSSING & TURNING: Unlike a traditional wooden bed, an adjustable bed enables you to keep your legs raised and head tilted up which keeps your heart, spine, and nervous system healthy and further reduces tossing and turning hence improving your overall sleep quality. 

ANTI SNORE POSITION ENABLES AIRFLOW FREELY: Sleeping on a Smart bed like Elev8 adjustable bed with an inclined head angle helps to reduce snoring and improve blood circulation. The anti-snore position elevates your head, keeping your airways free, eliminating obstructions, and allowing your partner to sleep in peace without any disturbance. 

ADVANCED TV MODE: Now enjoy watching your favourite TV show or reading a book before bedtime, do it all with ease by just raising the head angle of Elev8 adjustable bed. It can be your perfect work-from-home buddy. 

DUAL ZONE MASSAGER: Activate the built-in massage feature that gives your head and lower back a dream massage taking away all the stress of the day with a relaxing sleep experience.

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