Desktop Range Hood Portable Hot Pot

Multi Filtration: Portable Kitchen Exhaust Fan with 

Space Saving: Portable range hood with portable design, small and light, convenient storage, great for apartments. One-Button Start: The desktop range hood is easy to control. Press the button to choose 2 speed exhaust fan, operate with quick response. 

Anti Fingerprint: Portable kitchen hood is made of recycled ABS material, with matte sandblasted finished, scratch-resistant. 

Quiet Operation: Desktop exhaust hood with low noise, less than 6.5 Sones max at the highest speed. 

User-friendly Design: Mini range hood with no installation needed, helpful for the green hands. 

Widely Application: Desktop Cooker hood is ideal for use in small kitchens and countertop or tight living spaces. Whether it's in a studio apartment, a dorm room, RV, indoor BBQ, hot pot, fondueor for camping

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