Galaxy Night Light Room Decor Lamp

MICRON SCALE MAGNIFICATION IMAGING DESIGN Smithsonian Planetarium Projector: The galaxy light projector can fine-tune the focus by rotating the focusing head to achieve a clear imaging. High precision lens brings you a realistic starry sky. Creating a real projection so lifelike, you’ll be convinced you’re in outer space, relieve all stress and unlock your inner peace as you gaze at stars. 

12 IN 1 CONSTELLATION PROJECTOR: Star projector light come with 12 different conten film trays: Galaxy, Solar System, Earth, Moon, The Milky Way, Andromeda Galaxy, NGC4302-NGC4298, Hubble Deep Field, M60--UCD1, North America Nebula, Mystic Mountain and Small Magellanic Cloud. You can switch these slides in different scenes. Perfect for kids, teen girls, adults bedroom decoration. 

SOLAR SYSTEM PROJECTOR WITH HIGH-LIFE FILM DISC,FULL COVERAGE: The film disc supports a projection focal length adjustment of 2-5m (6.56-16.4 ft), and the starry sky projector can completely cover the room's ceiling or wall. Twisting the top screw ring can adjust the focal length to fit the projection distance and obtain a clear image. The film disc is a consumable, and each film can be used for 90-100 hours. 

TIMING SHUT-OFF: The planetarium galaxy projector operates silently, creating a soothing sleep environment. The speed of rotation mimics cosmic changes and will be slow. When you sleep, you can set the starry sky projection light to turn off within 1 or 2 hours. If you forget to set the timer, it will automatically turn off after 4 hours, but you can turn it back on if you want to continue using it. 

360° ROTATION AND THE IDEAL GIFT: The Astronomical Observatory Galaxy Projector is powered by USB and designed with multi-angles, allowing projection in any direction. There is also a rotating button for the Film Disc, which slowly rotates the projected stars, creating an immersive feeling. The projection light is suitable for bedrooms, bedside lamps, birthdays, parties, weddings, room decoration, Christmas. This is an ideal gift because you can experience galaxies and nebulae at home

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