Funnel Shaped Creative Ashtray with Lid

About this item 

【EXCELLENT QUALITY】This windproof ashtray uses a stainless steel cover and funnel, with thickened glass, which is durable. 

【SMOKELESS ASHTRAY】The ashtray and cigarette butts are perfectly kept in the ashtray, which can effectively prevent wind, let you smoke freely, and reduce odor. 

【STABLE PLACEMENT】The widened funnel edge can make the cigarette more stable in the U slot of the ashtray and not easy to drop. 

【EASY TO CLEAN】This glass ashtray with separate design makes it easier to clean the ash and cigarette butts, and clean them with water; Please pay attention to the edges of the lid and funnel when cleaning. 

【SCOPE OF APPLICATION】This windproof ashtray has a unique pattern, which is fashionable and full of personality. It is suitable for outdoor, home, balcony, office, coffee shop, restaurant, hotel, etc.

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