Portable Collapsible Shower Bathtub

About this item 

No installation required: The bathtub is one-piece design that does not require installation. Shapes quickly with a light lift. It folds compactly in one step, so you don't have to worry about storage space. Easy and independent installation 

Long Lasting Heat Retention :The folding bathtub features a vertical wraparound temperature lock design. You can enjoy the bath or ice bath with a long-lasting effect that lasts for about 3 hours. Double drain design, fast and efficient drainage 

Uses: Enjoy your bathtub with ease. Compact design for use in the shower room, even in homes without bathtubs. You can also use it in a water bath in the summer and blissful bath time in the winter. Easy to store in the trunk of your car for outdoor use and great for camping or traveling

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