Smart Neck and Back Shoulder Massager

About this item

[Simulate Human Hand Grasping and Kneading] - Massagers For Neck And Shoulder With Heat Are Designed To Simulate The Tension And Strength Of Human Fingers, Kneading The Shoulder Well Acupoint Up, And Pressing The Trapezius Muscle Down, To Provide A Deeply Relaxing Massage Experience.

  [5D Super Large Massage Head] - The massage head of these Massagers is 5D super large, offering a wide range of hot compress, with an adjustable temperature of 42-48 ℃, using NTC intelligent temperature control technology. This allows the massager to directly hit deep fascia and offer a deep massage of meridians and acupoints, relieving muscle soreness. 

[Neck Massager] - The Adjustable Speed And Direction Control Allows You To Customize Your Massage Experience According To Your Personal Preference. Simply Press The Button To Switch Between The Different Massage Modes. 

[Low Noise Experience] - These Massagers offer a low noise experience, with noise levels of less than 45db, allowing for a peaceful and relaxing massage experience and The massagers are designed with a removable and washable design, making it clean, hygienic, and more durable. 

[One Machine Massages The Entire Body] - These Massagers Can Be Used Not Only For Shoulders, Neck, Calves, Waist, And Thighs, But For The Entire Body.This allows you to enjoy a full body massage with just one machine, These massagers are designed to be easy to operate.

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