Damp Cleaning Duster Sponge Tool

[Efficient&Durable] This damp cleaning duster has a double-sided design,with U-shaped groove side clean the sanitary corner, and a flat side clean the flat surface and polishing. 

[SUPER SORPTION] This damp clean duster sponge is made of high-density dusting sponge material, which is good at firmly adsorbing dust, hair, water stains, etc. onto the wet cleaning dusting sponge. Removes stains without leaving traces, no longer need to worry about dust raised into the air when cleaning. 

[Multi-Scene use]This sponge duster cleaning brush two sides of the household cleaning sponges can be used on any supple surface, including glass, mirrors, counters, baseboards, shutters, car, sofas and tables. They are highly absorbent and can hold a large amount of water and cleaning solution, making cleaning fast and easy. Duster sponge is also an excellent kitchen cleaning tool for your pot , bowl and stove etc. 

[Strong Absorbent,Quick Drying]Our reusable dusters for cleaning has strong flexibility and water absorption. When the wet duster is fully soaked in water, it becomes very soft and has super cleaning power. When squeezed out of excess water, the sponge duster dries quickly and hardens to prevent it from becoming smelly. 

[Easy to Clean and Durable] When you finish using the base boards cleaning tool, simply rinse under water. The dirt in the baseboard cleaner tool will come off when rinsing under running water. In contrast to disposable rags, baseboard duster pairs can be cleaned and used again and again. 

NOTE: Every time before use. Let the cleaning tool completely wet by soaking it in water for one minute. Then squeeze out the excess water and start your household cleaning. (note: The dusting sponge is pre-moistened in the package) if the scrub duster is not the right size, you can cut the sponge to the size you need to adapt to different cleaning scenarios.

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