Car Motorcycle Wheel Reflectors Stickers

About this item

Safety Driving:This high-brightness rear reflective sticker can give you a safe viewing distance of 300 meters, reminding vehicles behind to reduce blind spots when driving long distances at night, so that drivers can better find you, avoid safety accidents, and make driving at night safer. 

Material:It is made of hard high-quality PVC material with long service life, wear resistance and scratch resistance. 

Strong Reflection Design:It is like your night guardian. The high-quality reflective material makes the sticker sticky and does not hurt the car paint. The effect is beautiful and cool during the day, and it is safe and eye-catching at night. 

Wide Applications:Reflective stickers are very suitable for cars, electric vehicles, scooters, bicycles, motorcycles, helmets, helmets, mailboxes, computers, jackets, running vests, fences, dog collars, dog leashes and more signs. 

Easy to Install:The sticker comes with adhesive, just remove the adhesive and install it on the trunk.

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