Handheld Face Wash Brush for Pore Cleansing Buy on Amazon & Aliexpress

Super Soft Silicone: Our face scrubber for women is made of high-quality silicone with super soft bristles suitable for sensitive skin. The curved brush head composed of bristles of different lengths is more suitable for your face shape and pore cleansing. The silicone spatula at the other end is as soft and elastic as it is, and it is easy to evenly apply the facial cream to every part of the face. 

Deep Cleansing & Gentle Exfoliating: Our facial massage scrubber has super fine and soft bristles, which can foam quickly, deeply clean the pores and make the skin feel gentle and comfortable. 

Removing Blackhead: The facial scrubber has a nose cleaning brush on the side, The small brush head and strong enough fine bristles can easily clean and massage the nose wing area and effectively remove blackheads.

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