Electric Cordless Bathroom Shower Tiles Cleaner Scrubber Buy on Amazon & Aliexpress

PROFESSIONAL & EFFECTIVE CLEANING - The electric cleaning scrub spins up to 300 RPM, which made it high-torque scrubbing power. the brush head turns in 360 degree with high rotate speed, which can clean stains in a more complete way.

 REPLACEABLE BRUSH HEADS - It comes with 3 types scrubber brush heads, include flat brush head,half round head,corner brush , it is powerful and can adjust to your all cleaning needs bathroom tile cleaning floor,the premium material made it lightweight as well as durable. 

EXTENDED HANDLE- With the electric cleaning brushes feature extendable handle and flexible bristles, allows brush to reach hidden corners, tiny crevices in any height with no effort needed ,it can be extended to around 40 inches, you can easily clean the higher place. 

CORDLESS & WATERPROOF - The cordless feature makes cleaning more convenient and hassle-free. So it will not disturb or entangle you when you use the device, improve your cleaning efficiency. Meanwhile, The waterproof design makes it safe to use under wet conditions.

  IDEAL FOR A GIFT - It is a definitely ideal gift for people who has backache,stiff shoulders, lumbago, to them, the cleaning is more heavy and painful,but this electric spin scrubber can lighten their burden of cleaning, thus, they don't have to bend to scrub, or waving hands to wipe away the dirt any more.

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