Foot Massager Roller Tool Buy on Amazon & Aliexpress

The Features of Foot Massage Roller : It's made of sturdy ABS Plastic and Magnet.It's easy to wash and dry and doesn't grow bacteria like wood products.non-slip pads at the bottom that prevent the massager from slipping and protect your floor. 

Upgraded Foot Massager: foot massager roller has 12 rollers(Each roller is equipped with 12 convex acupressure points) and 4 magnetic beads.The arched design mirrors the natural curvature of the feet for increased comfort.Magnetic beads combined with traditional Chinese medicine theory can better let you relax. 

Massage Principle: rolling massage, shiatsu massage, magnetic therapy.Whether you are suffering from plantar fasciitis, aching heels, sore arches, or neuropathy, sturdy reflexology foot massager is here to help you. 

Traditional Chinese Medicine Theory:The nerve and magnetic field of foot acupoints penetrate the whole body,Massage stimulates them to produce multiple effects.It helps relieve plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, arch pain, myofascial pain, neuropathy, or painful feet and muscles. Also, It's great for promoting blood circulation and providing deep relaxation. 

A Chic Gift:Maybe we can't share the mental pressure, the exhaustion of work, and the pain of illness for those we love. I think the  foot massager did it. It's for everyone who wants to relax on anniversaries, birthdays, Christmas, Thanksgiving

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