Portable Mosquito Coils Holder With Cover Buy on Amazon & Aliexpress

[Stainless Steel Material] Stainless steel material, the incense box is supported by stainless steel mesh. The metal has good heat dissipation performance, can cut off contact with other flammable items, is easy to carry, and is fireproof and anti-scalding. 

[Convenient and Hygienic] Convenient handle opening design, built-in safety disc can be completely and easily disassembled, and it is convenient to pour incense ash. With handle design, it is more convenient to take. 

[Thickened Metal] The metal hollow design keeps air circulation and helps incense, using thickened metal material. The product is thicker and more durable. 

[Size] 15*5 cm large volume, which can hold most mosquito coils and store ashes, and leave more space for heat dissipation. 

[Wide application] It can be used in study, living room, bedroom, yoga, meditation, incense during rest, also used in bathroom, terrace, swimming pool, camping ground, to drive away flies and mosquitoes.

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