Car Anti Static Strap Earth Belt Buy on Amazon and Aliexpress

High Quality: Exquisite workmanship, exquisite, practical, diversified materials, absolutely is your most intimate love a high-grade equipment. 

Design: Up to 29 cm in length, extended to the ground, let electrostatic remove more thoroughly. The structure of the special metal, has a strong electrical conductivity, can effectively remove the static electricity, and wear-resisting durable. 

Function: Prevent due to air dry the static friction with the ground cars, do effectively eliminate static electricity, and ensure that does not produce high voltage discharge phenomenon. 

Installation Method: 1) In car exhaust pipe, you can find out the part of the need to install. Adjust the screw to the right position, and can be installed on the exhaust pipe. 2) According to different models, the beginning ability strong kiss the length of the electrostatic belt can be adjusted. Have it in your car tail tow, already beautiful and safe. 

Wide Usage: The use of screw fastening in car exhaust pipe, electrostatic drag release of electrostatic, also has the very good adornment effect. Night reflective Strip Plays a warning role.

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