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Modern Design DIY Wall Clock:

Decorate your home and make it look more personalized with this DIY 3D wall clock.This will not only work best for your home but also as a creative gift idea for your family and friends. Use it on your favorite wall and make the crystal surface form a perfect reflection of light.You can hang it on the wall of your bedroom, kitchen, study, or anywhere you would like to add a unique and novel style. Enjoy the envy from your guests!

Usage: Can be used in all smooth surfaces like walls, doors, windows, closets, plastic, metal, tiles etc. Do It Yourself (DIY) wall clock is Ideal to decorate living room, bedrooms, classrooms, meeting room etc

Unique Frameless Design: The unique and modern frameless installation of the clock. You can also easily extend or reduce the gap between the DIY clock parts to adjust the clock to any room specific properties. It comes in a polished brown color

Installation: Package includes self-adhesive stickers at the back of the numbers. The clock numbers and hands have protective films. Comes in a pack of 12 numbers; 1 minute and 1-hour hand and a middle motor

Material Characteristics: The DIY wall clock numbers is made of EVA foam with acrylic mirror surface. The minute and hour hands are composed of high quality metal

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