Stainless Steel Goose Clip Peeling Tool

Packaging: you will receive stainless steel garlic skin removers, quickly peel off garlic skins without hurting your nails and leaving no garlic smell, convenient garlic tools in kitchen. 

High-Quality: Garlic peeler skin remover made of high-quality stainless steel blade, highly-flexible garlic handle conform to our fingers and pick up garlic skins well. Sturdy and durable, long-lasting use and not easy to rust, easy to clean. 

Feature: Garlic skin removers measuring in 4.33 x 0.47inch, feature with ergonomic highly-elastic handles which you could extend it to better pick up the garlic skins and peel off. 

No Smell of Garlic: Say goodbye to nail-hurting & garlic-smell when by hands. Using stainless steel garlic skin to peel garlic would keep your nails clean and leave no smell of garlic. Saves time, no messy, more healthy & hygienic to touch food. 

Ergonomic High-Elastic Handle: Garlic peeler constructed with a ergonomic elastic-handle and smooth skin picker blades, designed to make garlic peeling easily and quickly, protect your nails from hurting and smell of garlic

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